Become Our Supplier

Become our Supplier
Would you like to be our partner? You can apply to be a supplier here. Please read the requirements first.
What we expect:
· A willingness for long-term collaboration based on partnership
· Transparency and openness in the business relationship
· A high level of expertise in development and innovation, which is actively incorporated in the development of our products
· Conforming to social and environmental standards
· Implementation of a certified quality management process
· Active co-operation for the implementation of cost reduction measures
· Guarantee of consistently high product quality
· Readiness for continuous process optimization
· High logistics competency as well as reliability of deliveries
· IT-supported information exchange
What we offer:
· Fair, trusting and long-term collaboration
· Needs-based growth perspectives
· Support of our suppliers through a supplier agreement based on partnership
· Dialogue-oriented inclusion of suppliers into the product creation process
Our Requirements:
· Products Brief Introduction
· Company business license
· E-catalogue or official website
· Read our purchasing trade term policy you can find it through the link Terms and Conditions

Three Reasons to Become Part of ICSC Group

1. We work with more than 4,000 suppliers worldwide.
2. We produce, distribute, and sell products and building materials in more than 30 countries, and we maintain trade relationships with close to 500 nations.
3. We welcome innovative ideas from our suppliers to assure a continuous improvement “Integrate your ideas”