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About us:
ICSC Group (INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED registered under Number 1823322 and FODIL TRADING CO., LIMITED registered under Number 2004350) is an enterprise specializing in sourcing and purchasing for clients overseas.

ICSC group was registered on 2012 in Hong Kong SAR, and opened her office in Guangzhou, China.  Since then we have gained professional experience in sourcing and trading,
Our Main products are Building material, Agricultural items, Home appliances, Power tools etc…
With over Seven years’ experience and the trust of our clients, we have expanded our sales all over the Globe.
Growing together with our clients, we started to work with more International Suppliers like: Perkins Engine, Stamford Alternator, Midea Company, TCL, and CHINT Electric etc…
Our Logistics team:
Our Logistics Team cooperates with most of International Shipping Companies, freight forwarders and Carriers.
We are able to deliver Cargo on time with the all correct shipping documents.
There are 17 People at ICSC Group works every day to keep the flow of goods running smoothly and quickly on track.
You are in China
We accompany with you to the local wholesale market or factory to check products and make orders

 Email us or
 call us which
 product you want
to purchase, Item number,
color, size etc.
 & we will send you the quotation.
Once you agreed                                                                                                      Once the production
on the quotation,                                                                                                       is completed ,we will
we can send you a                                                                                                   book the vessel and
small sample for                                                                                                       deliver the container
the order.                                                                                                                  To the port, after the
                                                                                                                                 customs process is  
                                                                                                                                 finished ,you can
                                                                                                                                 track the container


Adjusted :
1:Contact us : Email us or call us which product you want to purchase, Item number, color, size etc. & we will send you the quotation.
2 :sample :
The text is correct.
3: Order Confirmation:
 Once we both agree for the price and the specification we can send you a Proforma invoice.
4- Manufacture: we will arrange with our suppliers to manufacture your product after we get your down payment, meanwhile we will supervise all the production process to make sure that it is what we agreed in the contract.     
5: Delivery
The text is correct .   
6 : Shipping Documents                                                                               
Once the vessel leaves, we will send you the ocean bill of lading scan copy. You can arrange to us the balance payment. After getting the balance we can send to you the original documents to your address by DHL.
7: Pick up the shipment:
You can pick up your shipment once the vessel arrives. You need to arrange the customer clearance and truck delivery to your warehouse from your side.
8 : feedback :
We treasure every client’s feedback; please let us know how you think about our product quality and our services.